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Project Description
ATCAssistant is a tool for use by simulated ATC controllers, primarily aimed at users of the VATSIM network. The tool provides runway recommendations based on current METAR and any restrictions specified in the local SOP. Additionally, the tool provides frequency information for facilities at the airport.

Here are some screenshots of the application:


This is a view of the main application form.



The application can be configured to read the station data files from any folder on the system:



The ATCAssistant application also includes a companion tool used to generate the station files needed by the main application.  Here we see an image of the Station Builder’s runway page:



This tab allows the station designer to add the different communications frequencies for the airport.  This information is displayed in the main application as a quick reference.



ATCAssistant uses current weather information as well as any loaded runway restrictions to determine the most appropriate runways for use:


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